This past week there was an increase in reservations for the simulator.  We had golfers every day except for Monday.  It was nice to see the clubhouse being utilized every day.  The more the word spreads the busier the clubhouse will be moving forward.  I’m happy with the increase in the simulator.
I have continued to work on the equipment maintenance program this off season.  This includes all repairs, service work, and reel sharpening.  Normally, I work in the shop in the morning and the clubhouse late morning until the evening.  During the evening part time staff works in the clubhouse.
Our Street Division was on site, Tuesday, to remove four Willow trees behind our cart storage buildings.  These trees were in the waterway that runs between Nielsen’s and the golf course.  The clean up in this area will help the surface drainage move off the property more quickly.  They did a nice job with the project.
This coming week there are budget meetings to discuss the proposed 2019/20 budget for the golf course.  The proposed budget amount will be very close to the current budget amount.  I don’t foresee any raises in line items moving into the future.

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