This past week I met with city staff to discuss the 2019/20 golf course budget.

The budget is almost the same as the 2018/19 budget as far as the bottom line.  Our revenues have been so poorly affected, due to terrible weather, the past two season it is difficult to make a normal projection.  If the weather is more cooperative, we should be in good shape with the proposed budget numbers.

You can look through the line items established in the attachment.  This is the 2018 Five Year Business Plan, but has been updated to the current date.  The estimate for the current budget is included along with the future budgets.  
I have also been working with Amanda on rewriting the clubhouse policies.  Since we have the golf simulator it creates a different use for our clubhouse.  These policies will be completed by the early part of next week.  They will be shared with the golf board and city council for discussion and future approval.
The golf week was a little slower on the simulator the past week.  On Saturday, we hosted the SFD Christmas party.   There were close to 50 individuals at the party playing pool, bean bags, cards, and the simulator.  It was a great success and everyone present had a great time.
I have continued to work on the history of the Spencer Municipal Golf Course property.  I conducted phone interviews with several individuals, read through Park Board and Golf Board minutes, and searched city records.  It is very interesting reading and finding new information.  I plan to complete this information, in the future, and create a narrative available on our website.
Please contact me with any comments, questions, or concerns so they can be addressed in a timely manner.  

Brian C Mohr

Director of Golf Operations

City of Spencer
Spencer Municipal Golf Course
Spencer, Iowa 51301

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