February is always a stressful time of the winter.  The constant changing temperatures really cause a lot of issues when it comes to turfgrass.  The snow cover has now melted off the majority of the course and there is standing water in all the low spots.  With upcoming cold temperatures there is the threat of killing the grass in these spots.  The good news is there is plenty of moisture for the turf plant.
Our simulator was busy by the end of the past week.  There was quite a bit of activity on Friday and Saturday.  Early in the week there was minimal indoor golf played.  There have been a lot of repeat customers and several new faces playing golf.
I am continuing to work on gathering information from the history of the SMGC.  I have gone through quite a few park and golf board minutes dating back to the beginning of the purchase in 1975.  There is so much information that brings more questions by myself.  Several phone interviews have been competed as well.  This is a time consuming project that I don’t want to rush.
Also, I have been working on equipment in the shop.  The reel sharpening process along with bedknives is my priority right now.  It all takes time.
Last week I included the golf course budget in an attachment.  We will discuss the budget at the golf course board meeting tomorrow evening.

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