Another week has passed us by and we tip toe closer to the start of the golf season.  There was plenty of snow cover prior to the blizzard, but the high winds blew all the powder to the next county.  Still, the golf course is looking pretty good right now.  I will continue to monitor it every few days.
I have been working in the clubhouse with Solutions and SMU for the majority of the week.  There is an internet issue that has not been resolved yet.  The signal is strong then drops drastically and kicks out the wifi.  After 30 seconds it will kick back into action.  Solutions has replaced the Watchguard firewall modem with no luck.  SMU has attempted to diagnose the issue as well.  We will continue the process Monday.
The good news is the internet wifi issues don’t always affect the simulator.  The breaks are short enough they don’t cause the golf to be interrupted.  The main issue is when the break lasts for longer than a minute or two, then the simulator needs to be restarted.  Frustration.
I spent part of the past week working on equipment in the maintenance facility.  This coming week, I will finish the reel sharpening process and start organizing and cleaning the shop.  This will help me update my replacement parts inventory.
The history of the muni has become a passion of mine these past few weeks.  I went through the Park Board minutes dating back to 1975.  The Golf Board was initially formed for the November 8, 1984 meeting.  I have gone through the minutes of every Golf Board meeting as well.
A lot of information has also been gathered through phone interviews, newspaper articles, and social media.  I have also researched pictures and other items to add with the narrative.  I have completed all the narrative up to the year 1986.  Below is the notes I have accumulated so far.  Please feel free to read through them and reply with any information you might remember that is not listed.
Have a great day and remember we could be golfing outside in a little over a month if Mother Nature cooperates.

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