This week has really unleashed the beast with a lot of snow and wind.  This is quite the change from February the past few years.  The good news is this is what the weather is supposed to be like in February.  The bad news is we have to deal with it.
I feel quite optimistic about the upcoming golf season.  This type of weather is more like what an early golf season feels like to me.  The past couple of years it has been late April before we have been able to play golf.  I’m predicting March 19 for this golf season.  It might seem a little crazy as you look out your window, but I feel confidant in an early season.
This past week I have worked on punch cards, tournament schedules, information packets, the website, and employee hires.  I also met with Joe Hopper, from the Daily Reporter, in regards to a story on the history of SMGC.
The history of SMGC has continued to be a priority for me.  I have the rough draft that is still in the process of being corrected and updated.  I’m going to leave a final copy of the history that will include all the dates and information.  This version will be about 30 pages and focus on the historical importance.  I will also complete a shorter final version that will focus on all the information in a more compact form.
I think the history of our golf course is extremely important for past, current, and future generations to enjoy.  Below is the rough draft I have shared a couple of times:
We have continued to have golfers on the simulator each week.  It is not as busy as I would like to see it but it is getting used.  Our monthly income for January was $4313.  That is quite an improvement from where we would be if not open.  I have not used a lot of part time hours to work in the clubhouse.  I try and work in there as much as I can each week.  It will continue to grow and be more positive as we move forward.
The new clubhouse policies were adapted last Monday night at the City Council meeting.  This will give us an opportunity to use this facility more with the general public.  I already have about five dates confirmed for events to be held in the clubhouse.
This concludes another week at the muni.  Please contact me with any comments, questions, or concerns.  Be safe today and enjoy the comforts of your own home is you don’t need to go anywhere.  It’s nasty out there.

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