It has been a busy week at the golf course even though the snow drifts are deep.  I ordered our pro shop supplies, new range balls, logo baseball caps, and other merchandise available for sale.  We don’t stock a very large pro shop selection.  The main focus is on “what does the golfer need right now?”  All of this merchandise will start arriving next week.
Part time staff is currently going through the process of being hired back on the crew.  All the maintenance staff is returning except one individual.  I am planning on absorbing his hours into the staff and myself in order to save some budget dollars.  Almost all the clubhouse staff is returning plus a couple of new faces.  The staff will be ready to roll as soon as the snow is gone.
I spent a lot of time working on our website.  Our database was lost and I am starting fresh to accumulate an email list.  This email list is used to reach out to everyone about events at the golf course and I will also be including my weekly email updates to these subscribers.  I want to reach as many people as possible to share the weekly activity at the golf course.  Everyone has questions and I want to provide them with as much information as possible……if they read it!
Our tournament schedule has been completed on the website as well.  I have added a photo gallery to share pictures of projects or issues at the golf course.  Information.  That is what I am trying to share with everyone to help educate and understand the how?, what?, and why? of everyday at the course.
I am close to completing the final draft of the SMGC history.  I want to thank Robyn and Kirby for the editing and final touch ups.  It is currently shared on our website.  I will finish it by formatting it into an online book form.  I am sharing it below if you want to give it another read:
This is going to wrap up another week at the golf course.  I am beyond excited to get this new year started.  Come on sunshine and warm weather.  I will see each of you at the respective meetings Monday evening.

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