Good Morning,
It has been an extremely difficult week, to say the least, for most of Spencer and many other communities.  The flood waters hit our city with blow after blow most of the week.  Water damage is definitely a personal issue that can wipe out one person’s livelihood.  It has been a battle that is still causing many problems.
I was able to work with Public Works on Wednesday when they were trying to gain control of the flooding waters around the golf course.  The water was flooding all around the golf course property threatening Stoneybrook, homes on 4th Ave SW, and the business district in South Spencer.
The water was 12″ deep going down 4th Ave SW.  When you glanced to the west, the water in the ditch was almost at your eye level.  The water coming onto the east section of the golf course was over the bridge on #12.  The entire golf course was being bombarded with melting snow and surface drainage from every angle.
The Street Division, SMU employees, DeLoss employees, and Craig and Mark did an amazing job controlling this problem.  I watched the teamwork and communication first hand.  It was truly an amazing work environment where everyone kept plugging along.  I was impressed and definitely, in my opinion, these guys saved a lot of homes in this area.
 The shop area is currently under a full makeover.  The office is being cleaned, painted, and organized.  The work area will soon follow under the same steps.  A clean shop allows us to work on our equipment in a safe environment and also allows for a good first impression to guests.
The simulator was used a few times early in the week.  On Saturday, the simulator was reserved from the time we opened until 8:00 PM.  It was pretty cool to see so many different faces in one day.  Everyone had a great time and expressed their desire to come back.  Success!

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