The past two weeks have been pretty crazy and I have not sent out a weekly email update.  So, I thought I would drop you a line right now.
Our golf course is looking great right now.  We have mowed greens several times and they came through the winter very nice.  I’m very happy we removed the majority of the snow as soon as we were able to get our loader on the course.  This helped eliminate a lot of snow mold on our greens.  You can still see some snow mold around the collars and mounds where the snow last left the course.
When you spray greens for snow mold, a fungus that comes to life when the snow starts melting, you only have so many days of coverage.  It is a constant worry as to whether or not you will become victim to this disease.  With the massive amount of snow we received I felt it was necessary to remove it manually instead of waiting.
The course is still very wet in some areas.  Not nearly as bad as I would have expected.  There is still frost in some of our low lying areas which does not allow the water to leave the area.  The parking lot included.  Once the frost is gone these areas will all be attended to and rectified.
Our course has been very busy on most days, especially the nice days.  I’m pleased with the amount of fees that are being paid on a daily basis.  We are making progress.
The grounds staff is operating one man less this year and the clubhouse staff has been a little short handed as well.  I’m trying to work shifts in the evenings in the clubhouse as well as all day on the grounds.  Anything that can be done to help our budget is my current goal.
The next few days do not look favorable at all.  This will give us some time to work on some more of our shop items.  I have finished sharpening the reels and bedknives and started repairing damaged rollers.  Roller damage is a constant battle each year.  This year we are going to daily clean our mowers with compressed air in an attempt to prolong the life of our bearings.
There have been new ball washers ordered for the blue tees on the course.  The stands have been painted and the installation of these ball washers has begun.  There will be no water added until the threat of frost is gone.
Warm weather has started to show a lot of green grass all over the golf course.  It is the most beautiful part of spring.  Mother Nature comes back to life in a beautiful form.  The staff and I are all excited.
Irrigation was a huge battle last year.  Hundreds of electrical issues presented themselves all year long.  I was able to replace close to 300 connections and install them in new tubing.  I ran an electrical test today of every station on the course.  There were two stations that failed the test.  Both of these areas were problematic late last fall.  I’m beyond thrilled the hard work last year has paid off.
I’m calling it quits for the day and will touch base again this Sunday.  I have attached the final copy of the History of SMGC if you care to do some reading:

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