Good Morning,
I have experienced control panel issues, in the pumphouse, since last fall.  The issues cause the control panel to not function in automatic mode.  The control panel is obsolete and parts can no longer be found.  A new control panel needs to be installed in order for the system to function properly and not require so many night time hours spent visually monitoring in hand mode.
The computer in the maintenance shed is connected to the control panel in the pumphouse.  It controls all functions in the pumphouse.  I am able to operate the irrigation system from my phone through the office computer.  If the system is run in hand mode the computer has no control over shutting down the pumps or controlling the pressure.
I currently must operate in hand mode which causes a threat for damage if the internet goes down.  The pumps would continue to operate with no stations running on the course.  This will cause pump damage and possibly blow up the 6″ intake line.  We lost one of the intake lines last fall and had to replace it early this spring.  The options are replace the control panel for $5000 or pay $1500 to patch it together now and still pay for a new control panel down the road.  The replacement is scheduled for this week.
Additional irrigation work has included multiple valves around the course.  The bleeder assembly snaps on top of the valve and causes the water to flow through the valve and run the irrigation station with no way to shut it down.  I repaired about a dozen of these issues this past week.  There were also several diaphragms replaced on valves.  I will finish a few more stations in the morning and recharge the system.
The greens were fertilized Friday morning with a granular application of 18-9-18.  This is a quick contact fertilizer that breaks down with a 15 minute irrigation cycle.  The timing was perfect with the rainfalls we experienced this weekend.  This will really get the bentgrass growing and improve color.
There are some damaged areas on the greens from surface drainage during the latter part of winter.  With the rainfall and snow melting the surface drainage gathered in low spots on greens and fairways.  These spots have been overseeded and we will continue to monitor the progress.
I have also been completing repairs on several pieces of equipment.  The majority of the issues are small but they still take the machine out of service until the parts arrive.  Our sprayer is one of those items.  I replaced the drain on the bottom of the tank and also ordered new spray nozzles to provide better coverage on the course.  I will finish part installation on the sprayer, one green mower, and two fairway units in the morning.
This is a wrap on another week at the golf course.  Enjoy the remainder of the weekend.  Best of luck to the SHS boys golf team as they compete at state this coming week!!

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