Good Morning,
Another week filled with rain and poor golf weather.  Our revenue has suffered more this year than in the previous two years.  We opened the golf course earlier than the previous two golf seasons, but the rain and cold weather have really limited us financially.  I continue to hope for seven nice golfing days in a row.
Our season passes are at a little over 80% of last season.  Punch cards are also down in comparison to years past.  We still have a little over five weeks left of our current fiscal period.  The weather has to eventually cooperate.
Expenses are also increased in comparison to last year.  There were close to $19,000 in equipment repairs from last fall to two of our rough units.  One of these units was a damaged computer which amounted to a lot of the repair expense.  The good news is our equipment is all functioning properly as I prepare this update.
Irrigation issues have been ongoing the past two seasons.  Last year I replaced around 300 electrical connections in the field to eliminate the wiring part of our problems.  This year the control panel needed several repairs and the 20 year old panel is obsolete.  This amounts to a $5000 control replacement which was completed early this past week.  Also, the lead pump was damaged and bearing replacement is currently being completed.
During repair work on Tuesday, I discovered fishing line and a package of lures caught in the pump impeller.  This is a result of someone illegally fishing on the golf course during non golfing hours.



I have also repaired quite a few valves these past couple of weeks.  When I filled the irrigation system on Monday, after the control panel replacement, everything was working properly except for a handful of valves.  These valves have been repaired and function properly as of the end of the week.  Irrigation is not a major concern, due to the heavy rainfall, but it will be once the rain stops.  The irrigation system repairs are now complete and we are in great shape when the weather turns around.
The heavy rainfalls have been hectic with our maintenance schedules.  Staff and I mowed until dark a couple days this past week to stay on top of everything.  There has also been extra mowing completed this weekend to keep everything upkept.  Even when golf gets rained out it does not mean the course maintenance stops.
The next major task will be tackling the dandelion population on the golf course.  There have been questions when this will happen?  The weather has not permitted for a lot of time to spray.  My plan is to complete the broadleaf applications this coming week.  I always spray along the property owners first to try and accommodate their concerns with weeds present.  Next, I move to the rest of the course.  It generally takes about three days of quality weather to complete this process.  It will be done in a timely matter when the weather cooperates.
Lastly, my job does not consist of 9 to 5 Monday through Friday.  It consists of a lot of early mornings and late evenings seven days a week.  I am the equipment repair technician, spray technician, irrigation technician, clubhouse manager, and golf course superintendent.  My hours fluctuate on a daily basis.  My part time staff hours also fluctuate on a daily basis.  We work during the necessary time slots to get our jobs done and provide a quality golf course for the public.
These golf updates are the easiest way to communicate with public officials, city staff, and the golfing community.  This update is available to our email database, on our website blog, and can also be forwarded to interested people you visit with each day.  I cannot make people read the emails.  I can only provide as much information as possible and try making it as accessible as possible.  I always welcome phone calls or face to face questions at any time.
Please enjoy your Holiday weekend.  The golf course staff and I will be busy trying to provide you all with a quality municipal golf course every day of the week.  Be safe and remember all those who we memorialize this weekend.  They are the heroes that make our day to day life possible.

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