What a beautiful week weather wise.  This could be the first time we have gone had near perfect golf conditions for a seven day stretch.  The wind has been minimal, plenty of sunshine, and the temperatures have been pleasant.  It has all added up to a very busy week at the golf course with leagues, golf outings, and open golf.
We have been short staffed on the golf course grounds crew and will continue to be until the end of next week.  Everyone has pitched in and maintained a very nice golf course for everyone to enjoy.  This is a busy month at the muni filled with lots of golf events and closes out with the end of the year league tournaments.  Then we prepare ourselves for the Clay County Fair.  Is that even possible?
This upcoming week will include spraying greens with a fungicide and foliar fertilizer application.  I will also start working on spraying herbicide in some of the areas where clover and other broadleaf weeds are present.  Some of the low areas have started to finally dry up and I will be able to spray.  One of these areas will include along the south property line of Stoneybrook.
The irrigation pond will also be treated with copper sulphate to control the algae that is present.  The copper sulphate will be applied as a granular and will remove the algae in a couple days.  This process will take me a few days to complete.  I can only treat part of the pond every couple of days.  If too much algae is killed at once it will remove too much oxygen from the water and possibly create a fish kill.  Over the next two weeks the majority of the algae will be removed from both ponds.
Our parking lots have been a continuous problem all year.  The street division was on site late this past week to do as much work as possible on both lots.  They will add some larger rock to the entry of the clubhouse parking lot where we still have cones set up.  We will continue to do everything we can to keep the parking lot presentable.  The water table is so high it makes it very difficult.

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