Good Afternoon,
The tile contractor arrived on site this afternoon.  They are currently working on repairing the tile in upper Waterway Park.  The tile damage has been located and they are digging in this area and will replace the broken tile.  It is too early to tell how long this portion will take to complete but they feel confident it will not take all afternoon.
Once they finish in Waterway Park they will move to the golf course and add new tile around the 16th green.  We have located our irrigation lines and wiring and have hand dug these areas so they are exposed.  We plan to add a drain in front of #16 green and wrap the tile around tying in with existing tile.  This will help eliminate the standing water issue in the area.
One concern is the water table is naturally very high at this current time.  The addition of tile will definitely help remedy the situation moving forward into the future but it won’t control the high water table issue 100%.
Also, the golf course was entirely fertilized yesterday and I started filling the irrigation system early in the afternoon.  We found some contamination in the wet well that plugged the impellar on the lead pump.  There was also computer issues in the pumphouse.  I worked over the phone with the technician until the end of sunlight yesterday.
Early this morning I started working on the issues with the contamination in the pump.  We removed the pump and cleaned out the impellar along with a couple irrigation heads that had debris in the screens.  Everything was back to normal on our end outside of the computer issues.
The contractor flew in from Wisconsin and updated the programming and corrected the issues on his end.  The software was updating itself and plugging in the wrong settings.  As of now the programming is working properly and the system is back functioning 100%.
The computer repair process was covered under warranty so there is no bill for services on this end of the process.  Our end of the process cost us $10 for a new gasket and a lot of my time.  It was a very inexpensive fix in the end considering.
Enjoy the remainder of your day and keep a smile on your face.  I’m still smiling and look forward to irrigating the entire course heavily overnight.

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