Good Morning,
Early in the week we completed the fertilization of the greens, tees, and fairways with granular products.  These applications will help provide a healthy turfgrass heading into the off season and provide the essential nutrients in the spring.  It was a very nice process to complete with no issues.
At the end of the week we completed the tile repair work in upper Waterway Park.  Also, the new tile was added to the green surrounds on #16.  There is still some clean up in the park as well as some additional work to be completed “in house” on the golf course tile.  The tile is in place and the majority of the back filling has been completed.  The wet soil conditions decreased noticeably within hours of the tile addition.
The golf course tile addition also exposed some damaged clay tile directly north of #16 green.  This damaged tile is the cause of the extreme saturation in this area.  There will be pea gravel added in this section of new tile to easier allow this damaged area to drain into the new tile.  We also need to add a drain in front of the green where the tile begins.  This work will be completed this coming week.
The irrigation issues reared up and gave us some challenges again at the start of the week.  The pond level was much higher than normal due to some debris in the outlet of the irrigation pond hindering the overflow.  This caused the intake screens, in the pumphouse, to be under water and allow debris into the pumps.  This caused a plugged lead pump impeller and some plugged irrigation heads on the course.
We removed the pumps, cleaned them out, and cleaned sprinkler head screens in the field.  This eliminated the debris and allowed proper flow from each pump.  The debris was mainly from muskrats chewing up cattails.  The muskrats will be removed from the golf course next month.
Once the overflow was cleaned out the pond overflow went into our streams and waterways at a very high volume.  This caused some high water on hole number 10 all the way to the driving range.  After irrigating that night and the drains had time to catch back up, the water levels were all back to normal by the morning.
Our irrigation technician also came down from Wisconsin to complete some updates with the software in the pumphouse computer.  The computer kept rebooting itself and providing false information causing the flow and pressure to be inaccurate on the control panel.  This resulted in nothing working correctly in the field.  The trip was covered under warranty and the computer is working properly at this time.
I attended continued education training in accordance with the aquatic portion of my pesticide license.  This training is held annually and usually provides great information to assist in pesticide applications.  I was able to learn a little more about aquatic vegetation and also gathered some online links to learn even more this off season.  I will keep you posted on plans for controlling aquatic vegetation in our ponds in 2020.
More equipment maintenance and as much mowing as time would allow completed the remainder of our work week on the grounds.  We are hosting a makeup golf tournament this morning.  The number of participants dropped significantly from the original date but we’ll make sure those who play today have a great time.
Please contact me with any comments, questions, or concerns so they can be addressed as quickly as possible.  Enjoy the remainder of your weekend!

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