Good Morning,
This past week gave us the opportunity to complete a lot of outdoor projects.  We mowed greens and some other low mowed turf for the final time of the 2019 season.  We will still mow rough and mulch leaves as the weather permits.  The cups were also changed on Thursday, ball washers removed from the golf course, as well as the remainder of the amenity items in preparation for the cold temperatures in the near future.
Colder morning temperatures allowed us to continue maintenance and continue to service our equipment.  There has also been a list created of repair work that needs to be completed in the off season.  Since we are done with reel type mowing the reels will be removed from each machine and prepared for the off season sharpening.
The largest project we have going on right now is tree pruning and removal.  There have been several trees removed from the golf course and about 20% of the pruning has been completed.  This project will continue next week.  The tree stumps will be addressed at a later date.
We will also start removing the plant material from all landscaping areas of the course.  The landscaping grasses will not be pruned back for the Winter.  I will also be developing some new flower designs for the landscaping beds starting in 2020.  I would like to explore the possibility of adapting flower beds for some of our golfing public to help manicure.  We already have a few holes where this takes place.
As I stated last week the new tile was installed around #16 green.  We completed some clean up work in the area this week.  The soil was pushed back into the trench and piled high in order to settle over the winter months.  The area with tall grass has definitely dried out significantly but we haven’t been able to push the majority of the soil back into the trench.  This process will be completed by the Street Division in the coming days.
Sod work was one of our priorities with this nice weather.  We finished off the tile drain area in front of #16 green and repaired an irrigation head in the area.  Next, we added sod to the area in front of the green where water always puddled.  The remainder of the area will be finished in the Spring once the tile repair areas have settled.  Then sod will be laid to repair the turf damage.
We also were able to complete sod work on #10 fairway and #14 fairway.  The area on #14 was a large wet spot about 40 yards in front of the green.  The areas on #10 were mostly pot hole type areas (more work will be done on #10 on Monday).  We cut the sod from the front of the driving range tee box, added fill material to the low spots, leveled the areas and placed the fresh sod to complete the project.
I set the 2020 tournament and event calendar.  Adam Coates and I visited to ensure there were no conflicting dates between the Country Club and the muni.  You can visit the website to see the list of future events.

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