Good Morning,
The irrigation system has been winterized for the 2019 golf season.  I finished blowing out the system Friday evening around 7:30.  Saturday morning I finished the wiring of the new circuit board, completed work in valve boxes, and winterized the pumphouse.  Today and Monday I will finish working on the irrigation issues with the MDI and the main computer.  These issues are covered under our warranty plan.  I simply need to figure out what needs replaced and what is working correctly.
Power surges are not uncommon with golf course irrigation systems.  However, they are a major issue that can wreak havoc on a person.  I plan to have some additional discussion with our irrigation contractor who installed the system during the expansion.  Lightning surge protectors are definitely a necessity when it comes to protecting the system.  Maybe adding more of these to the layout will be helpful.  I will pursue this during the off season and keep you posted.
We still need to remove the intakes and screens in the pumphouse wet well.  These intakes go about ten feet down the wet well and connect to the irrigation pumps.  The water is drawn from the irrigation system through these intakes by the pumps and goes into the field.  The cattail debris will be cleaned from inside the screens and the bottom of the intakes.  They will be stored in the maintenance shop during the off season.
We have removed all the dead trees from the golf course.  I believe we have 17 tree stumps to remove.  It is so disappointing to see how losing these trees affects the visual aspect of the golf course.  It’s part of Nature but is still frustrating to accept.  Pine trees are not native to Iowa and once they reach a certain stage they become very susceptible to pests and disease.  Pine Wilt is a disease that is seen through the entire Midwest.  Attached at the very bottom is a pdf for your reading pleasure.
This coming week the remainder of the tree pruning will be completed, the last couple of tree stumps will be cut off at ground level, tree stumps will be staked for removal this winter, and hopefully the majority of our muskrat population will be eliminated.
Over the past few weeks, the golf board and I have been working on plans for the 2020 golf season.  We will be implementing a tag system that will be issued at check in prior to a round of golf.  We require every individual to check in prior to golf but that does not always happen.  Season pass holders will have a visible bag tag for the season.  Daily fee players will be issued a daily tag for their bag.  This will allow staff to visibly see if somebody has checked in or possibly not even paid.  This is still in the early stages but I look forward to the implementation.
The golf course numbers have declined over the years.  Our golf leagues no longer have waiting lists and operate barely over 50% of the “good old days” numbers.  Our cart storage spaces allow for 178 carts to be stored on site.  We used to have 20 carts on a waiting list.  Today there are 46 open cart storage spaces at the golf course.  Numbers are definitely going down as our population ages.  Attached is a spreadsheet for you to look at the numbers over the past 17 seasons:
Each of you enjoy the remainder of the weekend.  Extra special thanks to all the veterans who allow us to live the life we choose in this great country.  Please contact me with any comments or questions.

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