Good Morning,
This past week I have been working on some marketing ideas as well as some time in the clubhouse.  I will be working in the clubhouse and maintenance facility during the day.  The clubhouse will not be open unless there are reservations for the golf simulator or an event is planned.  There have been very minimal patrons during the daytime hours.  We have to eliminate expenses for labor if the facility is not being used.
On Monday I spoke at the IGCSA winter seminar covering the 2017 water quality project done by the City of Spencer.  The group in attendance was extremely interested in the topic and had a lot of great questions.  It was a great seminar!

New for the 2020 golf season will be a required sign in at the clubhouse prior to golfing.  It has become a growing problem with individuals not checking in and sometimes not even paying daily fees.  We are trying a new approach to help us monitor payment by our customers on a daily basis without hiring additional staff to patrol the golf course.

You will be issued a bag tag when you purchase your season pass.  This bag tag must be visible on your bag at all times so staff can recognize you have paid your balance in full.  Also, daily fee tags will be issued for green fees, punch cards, and cart rentals. This tag will be visible on your cart or golf bag after you have checked in to play.  The color of the tag will vary on a daily basis.  

This process will allow the staff and other golfers to help ensure everyone has paid and checked in each day.  SMGC asks for your help in monitoring this situation. The other option will be to increase fees.  

I have talked to a company that makes wrist bracelets that will be issued upon payment of your daily fees.  These bracelets are from comtix.com and run about three cents a piece.  The date will be written on the bracelet and it will be required to go on the cart or visible on the bag.  The bracelet color will change on a daily basis.  This same system is being used at a golf course in Arkansas and they have seen a tremendous turn around in missed revenue.

There will be a preseason kick off party in the clubhouse sometime in late February.  This event will give everyone a chance to pay their fees and sign up for some door prizes.  We look forward to seeing each of you in 2020 for another great year of golf!

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