Good Morning,
This past week I was able to go through two of our fairway units.  Both machines have been serviced previously and now the minor repairs have been completed.  There is still one fairway mower that will be addressed in the future as well as the remaining equipment fleet.
I completed the majority of the 2020/21 golf course budget.  This new budget does not show much of an increase.  The final line items will be established by finance and presented in the month of January.  I’m really reaching out to have the stars align for  a quality season weather wise.
Lastly I spent time working in the clubhouse.  There has been minimal use of the golf simulator for the month of December.  Last year was very slow in December and picked up a little bit in January.  Right now I only plan to open the clubhouse for golf simulator reservations or for a private event.
This coming week I will be working in the clubhouse starting to thoroughly clean.  I will also have the building open during the day time hours.  The clubhouse will be closed on Tuesday afternoon, Christmas Day, and Friday the 26th.
Enjoy the beautiful weather and I wish you all a very wonderful Holiday season!!

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