Good Morning,
The golf simulator will continue to be available upon request.  I have been splitting my work schedule between the clubhouse and the maintenance facility on a daily basis.  I have been able to complete some of the scheduled maintenance on equipment as well as be available for the simulator rental and gift certificates in the clubhouse.  This upcoming month I expect to have the simulator used on a more frequent basis.
Rainfall during the winter months always turns into an uncomfortable situation.  It can lead to a lot of standing water freezing in low areas around the golf course.  We have experienced damage in a lot of these areas the past few off seasons.  It appears that everything has soaked into the ground decent and will be a positive amount of precipitation.  It’s always something that worries me.
I have done some research into our irrigation system problems.  The biggest issues have been electrical over the past three years.  Our type of system has surge protectors tied into the electrical connections.  These protectors are spaced every 300 yards throughout the course.  There are quite a few that have blown from issues this past fall.  These need to be replaced and additional surge protectors should be added into the wiring plan on a more frequent basis.  This will help limit damage to a controlled area when there is a power surge.
We can never control the damage caused by lightning when it strikes on the golf course.  The above normal number of thunderstorms have increased the probability of this becoming a reality.  It is the same irrigation system at the Country Club and the same type of problems they have dealt with for several years as well.
The pumphouse issues have mainly been due to outdated computer software and “bad luck.”  I don’t want to ever guarantee the worst is behind us because I can’t predict what could possibly happen in the future.  I plan to continue discussions with the irrigation contractor and develop a more concrete plan for the irrigation system needs.
I think we can all agree that something needs to be done to limit the number of hours that are spent “trouble shooting,” doing repairs, and having the system not working period.  I will keep you posted as more conversations are had as we move forward.
The daily fee tags as well as season pass bag tags have not been ordered yet.  I am going to wait until after the next golf board meeting to have approval on all areas of the tags.  The main discussion is to pay an advertiser or not to cover the costs of the daily fee tags?  We will be ordering 10,000 tags at a cost of roughly $800.  These tags will last close to three years and should definitely show an increase in missed revenue.
My initial thought is to only have the Spencer Municipal Golf Course name on the tags.  I think for under $300 per year as an expense is an extremely minimal amount of money to spend to reduce the amount of non paying customers.  I don’t feel like advertising is necessary to cover the cost of these tags.  I would recommend we only have our name and pertinent golf information on the tags.  This is only my opinion and it will be a golf board decision at the next meeting.
I am not sure what my work schedule will be this coming week.  I have taken off some family sick leave at the end of last week and will most likely need some more this coming week.  I don’t want to discuss it in detail but would appreciate your prayers for my family right now.

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