Good Morning,
The past three years I have worked way too many hours on these repairs.  Troubleshooting is the most time consuming part of the repair process.  Over the last two weeks I have explored options to eliminate the electrical issues with our irrigation system.  There have been conversations with the contractor as well as the sales branch in Kansas City.
During these conversations we have all agreed the piping, valves, and irrigation heads are all in working order.  The main issue is electrical.  The system is 20 years old whether it be decoder issues, tubing issues, splicing issues, or lightning, these components can fail after that length of time.  All of these issues are time consuming to diagnose and repair and create situations where the system will not work until the repairs are completed.
Rainbird will be sending me a cost estimate for materials to replace our decoders with the IC System.  The IC System will continue to function even if there is an electrical issue or lightning strike.  It consists of a unit at every valve location, lightning protection, and a new interface in the office.  This option will give us the opportunity to have some very good discussions moving forward with the system.
The new daily fee bag tags have been ordered.  These tags will be used for daily fees and cart rentals paid.  Tags will be attached to the roof bar and remain visible to golf course staff.  The color will change on a daily basis and each tag is numbered.  The customer name, date, and fees paid will be written in Sharpie.  This will allow us to easily track daily customers.
Season pass bag tags have also been ordered.  These tags will have a picture of the golf course on one side with the year and name also written in Sharpie.  These tags will be attached to the golf bag and remain visible to golf course staff.  Both of these new systems will make it easier to monitor our golfers and stop all individuals not having the proper credentials following check in at the clubhouse.
Spencer Municipal Golf Course board members have developed a “Membership Drive” for the golf course.  This event will be held on March 28.  I have attached the flyer below.  If golf board members see any corrections or information that needs to be included please let me know.
Street Division staff was also on site to help with a couple of projects.  The light poles surrounding the clubhouse were repaired and are back doing what they are supposed to be doing.  They also addressed the new tile area around #16 green.  Some of the material was leveled but most of it was frozen and unable to be moved.  This project will be completed in the Spring.
Please get in touch with me if you have questions, comments, or concerns.

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