Good Morning,
We are nearing the end of February and the warmer temperatures are starting to tease us with a sense of Spring around the corner.  This time of the year we see snow melting and water puddling throughout the golf course.  This process can expose turfgrass on the greens and also cause turf decay underneath the freezing water puddles.  We have experienced both of these issues the past several years.  It’s not a time of worry for me but a time of monitoring the golf course regularly.
I toured the golf course yesterday and everything is in pretty good condition as we continue through the winter months.  The snow cover on the greens has remained to give us some insulation and protection from the elements.  Some deer damage is present amongst the smaller trees on the south end of the golf course.  Points of interest will be how rapidly the snow begins to melt and making sure the greens have moisture over the next several weeks.
If the snow amount is too heavy on the greens in can lead to “snow mold” appearing underneath the snow cover on the turf.  This is a fungus that thrives in the warm temperatures produced by snow cover when the air temperatures rise.  In the past, this snow has been removed with our equipment.  If there is no snow cover it could be necessary to hand water some of the greens to keep the crown of the plant protected from the high winds.  As of right now everything looks very good.
I have been going through the inventory in the maintenance facility trying to organize and clean.  The inventory records have been updated and recorded onto a spreadsheet.  This information documents our equipment records including hours recorded on each machine for the past year.  The irrigation inventory, small assets, clubhouse items, and other areas have all been documented and recorded for insurance purposes.
The maintenance program has continued at the golf course as well.  This past week I have continued to work on equipment repairs and ready the machines for another season on the grounds.  This process also includes organizing the shop area and cleaning.  I still have some equipment to finish and part of the reel sharpening process as well.
I would like to thank the Street Division for removing our brush pile near the maintenance facility.  These were 16 large trees removed from the golf course in 2019.  This is a process that continues on an annual basis as our pine trees continue to die each year.  It will only continue to grow as we see the Emerald Ash Borer enter our area.  Tree maintenance and monitoring is a process that is under constant watch.

Below is the attachment for the 2020 Season Pass Drive scheduled for March 28.  Please share this information with anyone you think might be interested.

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