Good Morning,
The warm weather definitely has given us all some Spring Fever.  The snow is slowly melting around the golf course which has limited the amount of ice in the poor drainage areas.  The areas of concern fall into the front of #3 green, #8 green, #10 green, #17 green, and #18 green.  These holes have low spots and/or receive heavy winds that cause havoc on the grass.  Right now they all look pretty good.
The new tile area north of #16 green has been working very well all winter long.  The ground is frozen but has not retained very much moisture.  This area will be leveled, graded, and sodded early in the Spring.  It will be a huge improvement from the swamp we have experienced the past several years.  Overall the golf course is coming through the off season in pretty good shape so far.
This past week I completed an inventory of the Safety Data Sheets for the clubhouse and maintenance facility.  I eliminated SDS’s for products no longer in use and collected new ones for any products not on file.  In the past we have only had a hard copy of these sheets.  The City of Spencer has moved in the direction of hiring a company to provide all our SDS’s on a website for easier updating and access.
I have started the hiring process for our part time staff for the upcoming 2020 golf season.  We have several clubhouse employees that will not be returning and a couple new ones coming on board.  The grounds staff will be the same as it was last year.  Most of the paperwork has been completed and these employees are starting to take their drug screening.  This will equate to all employees being ready to go when the weather decides it’s time to golf.  I am still looking for a couple part time clubhouse staff members to help on a limited basis.
Equipment maintenance continues to be one of the main priorities.  I still have a couple mowers to finish going through and completing repairs.  The majority of the mowers have been addressed this off season.  Reel sharpening should wrap up in the next week or so as well.  It’s getting close to golf season.
Each year The Spencer Daily Reporter completes our tournament schedules, information sheets, and punch cards.  The event schedules are mailed to other courses and available for customers.  The information sheets are tri folds with all the course rules, events, etc. also available for the public.  These sheets will all be complete prior to the March 28 Season Pass Drive.
The Season Pass Drive is scheduled for Saturday, March 28 from 6:00 – 9:00 PM.  The clubhouse will be open all day and golfers will be available to pay for their fees in advance to become eligible for the raffle drawings.  I completed a video with SMU that will start airing next week that promotes the golf course as well as the “Drive” night.  Other advertising options will start this coming week.
It’s becoming a busy time of the year at the golf course.  I’m hopeful we can have an early Spring and the golf season can get started during the month of March.  It’s been several years in a row with very late starts to the golf season.  I think everyone is anxious for an early Spring whether you golf or not!

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