Good Morning,
The warm weather has been a welcome change this early in March.  The driving range opened yesterday which was actually the earliest that has happened.  We greeted quite a few golfers with open arms as they hit the driving range throughout the day.  Several individuals also paid their season passes and cart storage fees for 2020.
I went around the golf course this morning and everything is looking very nice.  The majority of the snow has melted.  There is some saturated areas but overall it is as good as one could hope for coming out of Winter.
It doesn’t appear the extended forecast is going to provide us with these warmer temperatures.  I guess a person learns to take what they can get in the golf course business.  I’m hopeful we will be able to open the golf course sooner than later.
Our golf simulator was reserved a couple of sessions this past week.  I had a group in on Thursday night and another one on Saturday afternoon.  The simulator has not received a lot of use this off season but the people that have stopped in have enjoyed themselves.
The upcoming week will consist of final equipment inspections and the completion of the reel sharpening.

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