Good Morning,
The Mayor, elected officials, City Manager,  Department Directors, and key figures throughout the community have met at length multiple times a day to prepare and protect our community from the COVID 19 pandemic.  The amount of shared information and educational sessions has been overwhelming for everyone involved.  None of the decisions made to date have been done without extensive conversation.
Our City officials and City Manager continue to prepare for this virus by planning ahead two weeks instead of dealing with what happens when it hits us, because it will “hit” us.  It is projected that all 99 counties will be infected within two weeks.
With a two week in advance planning strategy it was agreed at the special city council meeting on Wednesday, March 18, to close all city buildings.  These closures will allow our officials and city staff to gather more information, become more educated, and continue to protect our community.
As of Thursday, March 19, the Spencer Municipal Golf Course clubhouse will be closed to the public.  2020 season payments can be made online at www.spencermunigolf.com.  We will continue to gather information and decide how to safely serve our customer base in a safe manner.  To begin with we will provide range balls, free of charge, available on the driving range tees weather permitting.
The biggest fear of the unknown is simply it is unknown.  If nobody in our community ever loses their life to this virus than everything that has been done was successful.  Please be patient.  Please be smart and considerate of those who might have a susceptible immune system.  Please stay home.  Please follow these five points to remember:

Again, these safety measures are to protect us now and let us evaluate so we can make educated decisions moving forward.  


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