Good Morning,
This past week has been a week of adjustment for everyone in the City of Spencer.  I want to thank our elected officials, City Manager, Department Directors, and members of our community.  The teamwork and communication has been amazing.  It’s definitely a period of time to think before you take a step.
It’s been a week of planning ahead and thinking in advance.  The greatest gift we could be granted is if nothing ever happens with the COVID 19 in our beautiful town.  It’s been an ongoing discussion for days on end.  Everyone is doing their part to keep everyone as safe as possible.
The past week I have done a lot of research on golf course operations across the State of Iowa.  I have talked to quite a few courses and been involved in a lot of online discussion with people across the Nation.  I will continue to monitor other golf courses on a daily basis and have conversations with people at golf courses that are open to the public.  Everything changes hour to hour and day by day with these uncharted waters.
This coming week the clubhouse will be cleaned thoroughly during the time of closure.  Equipment maintenance will be completed and the remainder of our amenity items will be painted and prepped for the season.  Education will continue to be at the top of the list.
Please stay safe and think about the health of others in our community, not just yourself.

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