Good Morning,
We have finished our first week of opening at the golf course under COVID 19 provisions.  It has gone fairly well with most of our golfers understanding it is necessary to follow the set provisions or there will be no opportunity to golf.  It’s a day by day process that staff and golfers are all adjusting to and making necessary changes.
On Monday, we mowed greens, tees, and collars for the first time of the season.  They look very nice coming out of the winter offseason.  There is no turf loss and very minimal damage from snow mold fungus.  I would say this is the best condition the golf course has been in at the opening date for several years.  No winter damage is a huge bonus when spring time rolls around.
In preparation for the opening, the cups were changed on each green and left over an inch above the putting surface.  The flagstick was placed in the hole in a normal fashion.  Simply hit the cup with your golf ball and it is considered “in the hole.”  There are no other amenity items on the course.  Tee markers, yardage stakes, scorecard holders, benches, ball washers, water coolers, etc. have all been removed.  There are no items for golfers to come into contact with while playing.
Our sanitization practices consist of letting a rental cart sit for a short time after use then it is sanitized and returned to the rotation.  Clubhouse surfaces and contact points are cleaned over and over again during the day.  Portable toilets are sterilized periodically during the day.  We are doing our best to constantly sanitize every contact point in the clubhouse.  COVID 19 definitely brings a person’s mind into confusion between sanity and sanitary.
The irrigation pumphouse has been a large focal point this past week.  Every fall we winterize this building and take everything into the shop for inspection and repair.  It also eliminates the possibility of freezing.  In the springtime we put it all back together.  Screens, intakes, pumps, clay valves, copper lines, fittings, piping, etc.  As of Saturday, the pumphouse is ready for operation.
It is essential to get the system prepared and operational early each season.  The weather conditions have been perfect as far as starting irrigation systems.  With warm temperatures, minimal precipitation, and windy conditions the greens can dry out rapidly and turf can be lost.  This coming week I will begin filling the system to begin adding water to the greens.
Recapping the week, the driving range has been getting a lot of use and tee times have been pretty decent on the golf course.  There are quite a few tee times booked for today and the coming week looks to be busy as well.  Golf course staff will continue to operate day by day in a safe and sanitary manner.  Enjoy your day!

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