Good Morning,
I would like to wish you all a very happy and thankful Easter Sunday morning.  This is a day to reflect and put into perspective exactly what life is about for each one of us.  These are challenging times and with faith we will all push forward and become better people in the end.  Cheers to you and your families!
Last Monday the city council agreed to move forward with the upgrade to our irrigation system.  This will include replacing the current decoder system with the new IC system.  This system is the most updated irrigation system available by Rainbird.  The replacement includes all the electrical components in every valve box and a new control in the office.  Piping, irrigation valves, and the hard wiring will remain in use.
The original estimate for parts to arrive was two to three weeks.  The Rainbird representative contacted me on Thursday and informed me everything was in their warehouse and should arrive early this coming week at the muni.  This will work out well for us to have everything on hand so the contractor can arrive and complete the installation in a timely manner.  He is estimated to be on site at the end of the month.  Unfortunately the weather arriving might push that time line back a bit.
This past week we went around the course and cleaned out over 250 valve boxes.  The valve box is where the irrigation system update will be completed.  The turfgrass eventually grows over each box and they are difficult to find at times.  With the boxes cleaned out, the contractor will be able to access the wiring easily and quickly complete the change out in the field.  There will also be some small repair work to be completed in about a dozen valve boxes.  It was a big project to have completed.
The Street Division was able to help us out with grading both our parking lots.  They did a great job and both parking lots are in very nice condition starting the season.  It is a tremendous change from the frost boils of 2019 we dealt with most of the year.  I appreciate their help when the need arises.
Some time was spent cleaning up our tree stump removals from last fall as well as addressing the new tile area on #16.  These areas are a work in progress.  Sod or grass seed will be included in the next steps as we move toward established turf in these areas.  The tile area on #16 has been a huge improvement and helped remove our small “swamp” from the golf course.
Last spring we received lightning damage to one of our heating/cooling units outside the clubhouse.  There was also damage inside of the mechanical room to the indoor portion of the system.  After a long process dealing with the insurance company, adjustor, and the contractor the repair has been completed.  It was a long process that I’m very happy to be crossed off the “to do” list.
We continue to operate on a day by day basis with the COVID 19 provisions in place.  I’m proud of the staff for all the extra work they are putting in to help us stay as safe as possible and provide a recreational atmosphere for our community to safely take a break from quarantine time.  We all need a little bit of an escape from time to time and golf is a great release.
As I look outside it gives me a moment to reflect.  Some time to think.  The understanding of what we can control and what we cannot.  I feel grateful and thankful for our wonderful community and the support we give to one another each day.   Everything will change, we will push forward, we will rebound.  The word that really needs to be emphasized is SAFE.  Let’s all do our part each day.

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