Good Morning,
The heavy snowfall last weekend was finally put behind us yesterday.  The golf course was filled up with tee times for people anxious to get out of the house and recreate.  The most challenging part of operating with restrictions is the limit of golf carts we have available with only one seat being used.  All rental carts were on the course by 1:00 PM yesterday.  It took some shuffling and scrambling but we were able to get carts sanitized and sent back out after a small wait.  Yesterday was very busy.
I had several conversations with the irrigation contractor and the distributor this past week.  The contractor plans to be on site in a couple of weeks.  The distributor will be on site prior to help organize the installation process.  All the materials arrived this week and the majority of preparations have been completed on our end.  It should be a fairly smooth installation.
During the process of cleaning out valve boxes, I was able to document necessary repairs in the field.  There are a dozen valve boxes that need our attention.  We started that process on Friday.  This consists of digging up the valve box, cleaning out the excess soil, finishing repairs, and placing the box back to ground level.  We will continue this project this coming week.
I attended several online training opportunities during the Spring snow recovery.  One of the most educational was training with electrical repairs in the turf industry.  I’ve never been very good when it comes to electrical repairs, but this past week I gained quite a bit of ground possibly bringing myself up to average.  I was able to diagnose a golf cart and make the repairs along with bringing a cart charger back to life.  I was pretty pleased with the results and look forward to learning more.
This coming week we will be mowing quite a bit along with other daily maintenance practices.  We will finish the irrigation repairs in the valve boxes and begin the spring start up of the irrigation system.  Also, the tile drain will be installed in front of #16 green.
We continue to take COVID 19 one day at a time.  The majority of our golfers are understanding and thankful to have the opportunity to play golf.  The staff is also working diligently to stay on top of our sanitation measures.  Day by day, swing by swing, the staff and golfers will keep working together.
There are no tee markers placed on the golf course at this time but in the future I hope to return to normal golf conditions.  At that time there will be a new set of tee markers placed on the course bringing our tee options to six.  These will be hunter green in color and allow golfers to play some holes ahead of the current red tee markers and behind the yellow short course.  This will be a benefit to the golfers that need a shorter course than the red tees but don’t want to play the yellow course.

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