Good Morning,
I thought I would share some information in regards to the irrigation upgrade at The Muni.  It’s been a very busy week already.
The contractor was on site early yesterday (April 28) to start the installation of the new IC units.  The process consisted of removing the old decoder and the solenoid from on top of the valve (the decoder is the control unit from the computer and the solenoid opens and closes the valve).  The new IC unit screws into the valve where the solenoid previously was seated.  After installation there are now two wire connections instead of the previous four connections in every valve box.
We finished installing all 244 IC units and 15 additional ground rods for surge protection at 8:30 last night.  Aaron Feeley and Mark Lawson also helped out tremendously with a lot of the hand work on valve boxes so the contractor could concentrate strictly on the installation process.  It was a great first step to complete.
I have gathered and tagged the majority of the old decoders from the system.  I will finish the last couple of holes this morning.  I plan to sell the decoders to another golf course.  They aren’t worth a lot to us but could be of great benefit to somebody else.
We completed more irrigation repairs as we worked on the irrigation update.  The majority have been small items such as a leaky valve, damaged diaphragm, cracked lateral line, and a couple of valve replacements.  We are going to double check a few of these areas and start cleaning up these repair areas shortly.
After the remainder of decoders are picked up, the irrigation repairs are inspected, and a double check on all the valve boxes, I will charge the irrigation system with full water pressure.  The contractor will be on site later this morning to finish the work inside the control panel in the maintenance shed and make any necessary changes in the field.  The Rainbird representative will be on site this afternoon.  The two of us will complete the transfer of new information into the computer system and check all the electrical currents in the field.
We still have a fair amount of work ahead of us but the majority of the field work is completed.


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