Good Morning,
It’s been a very busy week at The Muni.  The irrigation upgrade is working very nicely outside of a few tweaks here and there.  The new IC unit replaces the old decoder and solenoid on the valve.  Some of the new IC units are sticking on during the irrigation cycle.  Either the plunger is getting stuck or the unit is too tight on the valve.  Either way it’s not a big deal to adjust.  I’m very happy with the new system and the ease of operation.
Our second pump will be replaced this coming week or early the following week.  There was too much damage to the old pump to justify paying the high repair amount.  The new pump will come with a warranty and twenty less years of use.  Once the new pump is installed we will be back to full operation with the irrigation system.  Currently I am irrigating at 50% capacity.
The tile project on #16 has been an ongoing situation since last fall.  I used the tractor and loader to level the area on Friday.  The ground has dried substantially since the new tile was installed but the soil is still very sticky.  It has been graded fairly well for the first go round.  Next week I will add some additional black soil, finish leveling the area, and add grass seed.  The area in front of the green will also be leveled and sod added.
By the time Thursday rolled around we were pulling mowers in and out of the shop to get the entire course mowed.  Three of us spent a lot of time on equipment and were able to get the entire golf course mowed by late morning Saturday.  The irrigation system had been such a priority it caused us to fall behind on normal maintenance.  This weekend the golf course looks pretty darn nice for an early May morning.
I sent a couple updates earlier in the week documenting the progress with the irrigation system.  Check your email or visit our blog on the website if you missed those two emails.  Please let me know if there are any questions or comments.  The golf board will not be meeting tomorrow evening due to the COVID 19 restrictions.
Enjoy the day and grab yourself some sunshine!

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