Good Morning,
Happy Mother’s Day to each of you special women.  I hope the day is special for you filled with love and kindness.  You have been the foundation for your loved ones.  Enjoy your special day that should be celebrated every day.
This past week we accomplished quite a few projects and continued to move forward with others.  The irrigation system continues to be at the top of our list.  The new pump was installed on Thursday.  We also replaced a foot valve on the lead intake line.  It was so refreshing to listen to that beautiful new motor hum and the water move through the lines.
I have continued to run irrigation cycles fine tuning things station by station.  Periodically a station will stick on and a couple of tweaks have to occur before it will shut down.  It’s generally a plunger sticking, the IC unit is screwed on too tight, or the diaphragm has a little debris inside.  Overall, things are miles ahead of where the irrigation system has been the past few years.
Our golf greens were fertilized on Monday morning.  This is the spring granular application.  I ran the irrigation stations for 15 minutes Monday afternoon to work the fertilizer into the soil profile.  The weather has been cold but the color change has still been noticeable on the greens.
The tees and fairways were fertilized on Thursday morning.  This application will carry us into the month of August with plenty of nutrients available for the plant.  This fertilizer has been irrigated as well trying to move the pellet down to the crown of the plant.
We also started adding sod to the tile area on #16.  The fairway portion was leveled and sod was cut off the practice tee.  Sod was ordered from Del’s Garden Center to cover the area in the rough.  We were able to sod about 75% of the entire tile area.  The remainder will be seeded.
This coming week we will start to focus on getting caught up with the mowing schedules.  We limited the mowing duties due to the fertilizer applications.  There have been a lot of accomplishments already this early in the season.
Please contact me with comments, questions, or concerns so they can be addressed in a timely manner.  Enjoy the remainder of your weekend.


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