Good Morning,
The past week was filled with crazy golf weather.  Early in the week it was cooler keeping our customers away from the golf course.  A few individuals stopped in to pay fees or a couple holes of golf before giving up.  Thursday and Friday brought some beautiful weather along with tee times filled mid morning straight through to late evening.  Saturday was steady in the morning and tapered off in the gusty afternoon winds followed by rain leading us into this morning.
The irrigation system has been the main focal point all Spring.  We spent a lot of time cleaning valve boxes, fixing lateral irrigation lines, and working in the pumphouse in preparation for the contractor.  All the irrigation work helped limit the amount of time and money to be spent on the upgrade.  It also eliminated quite a few problems we had been dealing with for some time.  Here is a quick recap:
The irrigation upgrade has been completed plus all the repair work to the irrigation lines.  A new pump was installed plus a replaced foot valve on the lead intake. A transducer was installed in the pumphouse computer control panel including other electrical repair work.  Finally, the new computer programming was installed in the office followed by a couple weeks of adjusting valves and heads.
Fast forward through these past six weeks of work and the irrigation system has been working great.  An occasional head will stick on once in a while but it is working very efficiently and worry free.  The irrigation time frame has been lowered to nine hours and five minutes distributing 475,000 gallons of water in a night.  It’s a great feeling and a lot of stress has been left behind.
Other projects have included sod work on several fairways to eliminate sand trap washouts, grading and sodding of the #16 tile area, fertilizer application of the entire golf course, landscaping clean up, parking lot and cart path repair/grading, equipment repairs, along with daily mowing schedules.
We have been very busy on the grounds as well as in the clubhouse.  The staff has been so dedicated and committed to making each day as great as possible.  Overall this crazy start to 2020 has gone about as well as we could expect at the golf course.  I’m thankful to the staff for their hard work and commitment.  Please thank them when you see them at the golf course.
The next big project will be the broadleaf herbicide application to the golf course.  I treat the golf course in the Spring and in the Fall each year.  I plan to complete this process over the next couple of weeks.  I always start spraying along the homeowner side of the golf course and work my way to the middle.
Our golf leagues will be starting in the next week or two.  Please visit our website to see what provisions are currently in place.  We have updated the cart policy to allow two individuals to ride together if they choose.
Brian C Mohr
Director of Golf Operations

City of Spencer
Spencer Municipal Golf Course
Spencer, Iowa 51301


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