Good Morning,
The past week was quite challenging with the heavy rainfall, high humidity, and warmer temperatures.  It took a few days for the golf course to dry out to perform quality maintenance practices.  The spring fertilizer application put the grass into hyper mode.  It was a huge challenge for us to get the golf course under control.  Long shifts of mowing every day over and over was the story of the entire week.  Mow everything and start over.  And over and over and over.
The fairways were so wet we could not mow until Thursday late morning.  We hit the fairways hard and were able to mow 14 of the 18 holes.  We mowed each fairway three or four times.  The other four were still too wet to mow.  Some that were mowed were close to being too wet to mow.  Friday we mowed 12 of the 18 fairways four more times.  They were all looking pretty darn nice by the end of the day Friday.
The tees were mowe quite a few times on Tuesday and again on Friday.  We used the buckets to catch the turf clippings which really slows the process down.  The tees looked very nice by the end of the day Friday.  The 130 acres of rough was definitely a challenge as well.  We mowed on Monday and Tuesday in the rain but covered the majority of the course.  Friday through Saturday we mowed all the rough again.  This morning we have a few hours left to cover the remainder of the course.  It was a long week but looking at the course last evening is such a rewarding view.
We sold advertising signs to local businesses when the golf course was built in 1999.  The initial sale covered the cost of all the amenity items on every hole.  Last year we sold seven new advertising signs for vacant signs.  On Wednesday, I worked with Ken Sandvig to install those new advertisement plaques on the tee markers.  Below is one of the signs:
We have dealt with tile issues for many years around the Stoneybrook addition as well as other areas of the golf course.  So much earth has been moved in the past 20 years which results in damaged tile issues arising.  The past few years we have addressed areas on the golf course north of Stoneybrook and some of those homeowners have dealt with repairs on their property.  We have also dealt with issues in other areas of the golf course.
The south side of Stoneybrook is seeing many of the same issues.  The short story is the tile runs from farm ground, south of the golf course, onto golf course property, into the Stoneybrook development, back onto golf course property, and finally exits to the west of 4th Ave SW.
This tile issue has caused extremely saturated soil on the homeowners property and golf course property around the 15th tee area.  I have met with some of the homeowners to listen to their thoughts and concerns.  The damaged tile is on private property but it all needs to be rectified.  Staff discussions are planned for the coming week and we will continue to work with the neighbors to remedy this situation.
Saturday allowed us to spray all the weeds in our landscaping areas after they were mowed around and trimmed.  The herbicide application will eliminate all the weeds in these areas.  Some landscaping areas are still under water and will be managed in the near future.  The next plan, for the landscaping, is to add flowers.  This will be happening in the next couple of weeks.  We might need to move to an “adapt a bed” concept because we simply don’t have the staff hours to give this the attention it deserves.
Spraying of weeds is definitely one of the highest priorities as we head into the next week.  Greens also need a foliar fertilizer application with a fungicide included.  I will also be treating the ponds for algae control.
I hope you all enjoy the remainder of this beautiful weekend.  The golf course was an absolute zoo on Saturday which was so amazing to see.  Maybe we’ll see some of you today.  See you at the golf board meeting or city council meeting tomorrow evening.

Brian C Mohr
Director of Golf Operations

City of Spencer
Spencer Municipal Golf Course
Spencer, Iowa 51301

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