Good Morning,
It’s a beautiful morning at The Muni.  The irrigation system has about 45 minutes left to finish the night watering.  We’ve been busy getting the golf course ready for golfers this morning and the air is perfectly calm.  A light fog fell over the course early this morning along with a light chill in the air.  This is the best part of the day.  The wildlife is running around the golf course and the hummm of the mowers is the only noise in the air.  The course looks beautiful and there’s a peaceful feeling in the air.  We’re all waiting for the golfers to kick us into full swing.
This past week we completed the spring start up of the waterfall on #10.  The ladies morning league had quite a few volunteers stop out and add some new plant materials to the area.  We sprayed the weeds, installed the pump and water line, and added some fresh new mulch.  By Tuesday morning it was operating nicely and the light sound of water running filled the air.  Thank you to the ladies who helped us get this project completed.
We have added water to the new flowers just about every day and they are adjusting very nicely after being transplanted.  We started adding mulch to some of the other landscaping areas by the tee boxes.  We will complete these landscaping areas this week.
The irrigation system has been working great every night.  I turned the well on July 1 for the first time this year.  The well will pump about 432,000 gallons of water in a 24 hour period.  The irrigation system will use roughly 500,000 gallons of water in a night.  The non irrigated parts of the golf course are starting to turn dormant which will cut down on some of our mowing moving forward.
Fortunately the wind has not been blowing as strong as it did last month.  We are still doing a lot of hand watering each day and applying a lot of wetting agent weekly.  I think the majority of the isolated dry spots have been eliminated.  I’m very happy with the condition of the golf course and thank my staff very much for their hard work each and every day.
Our sign placed at the Walmart intersection was removed a little over a week ago.  It was in very poor shape and was also a safety concern with the new safe route to school sidewalk installed in the area.  It is currently being stored at the maintenance shed.
We also replaced our old Spencer Municipal Golf Course sign at our parking lot entrance.  The new sign ties in with the Park signs that have been installed around the city.  It was a large improvement over the old sign that stood for about 25 years.  I would like to thank Jared Elbert, Park Director, for his assistance with this process.
The golf course clubhouse has been operating with quite a few new procedures over the past month.  Everyone has adjusted quite nicely and have worked together as a team better than ever.  The main policy changes are printing a receipt after every transaction, counting down the till during a shift change, and having two sets of eyes on all transactions.  We have had zero issues with transactions.  It has gone smoothly and the difference is night and day.
Enjoy the remainder of your holiday weekend.  Thank you to all those who have served or are currently serving our Great Country.  God Bless America!!

Brian C Mohr
Director of Golf Operations

City of Spencer
Spencer Municipal Golf Course
Spencer, Iowa 51301


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