Good Morning,
One more week in the books and the precipitation is at a minimum.  The golf course received very little rainfall from last night’s predicted storm but every little bit helps.  The high winds blew a few branches off the trees but no serious damage.  I don’t think any of us want to see a severe thunderstorm but hopefully tonight we get some decent rain from the predicted storm.
The golf course is in pretty nice shape overall.  The non irrigated areas are completely dormant with a light brown color throughout the golf course.  The irrigated areas are looking very green and definitely define the outlay of the golf course.  The dry weather has cut down on our mowing practices and increased the amount of golf being played each day.
This weekend has been quite a bit slower than the previous.  We had a lot of golfers in town for the Northwest Amateur that played at The Muni on their off days.  We heard great compliments about the golf course from a lot of people.  It was nice to hear some of them say it was their first time playing at SMGC.  It felt good for me and the entire staff to hear so many compliments.
I have been working on quite a few irrigation issues around the golf course.  Several valves were replaced and close to ten internal components of sprinkler heads.  I ran out of irrigation parts and had to order more on Thursday.  There is still one valve that needs replaced on #12 fairway.  I will complete that project tomorrow.
The valves become damaged when debris passes through the line and gets caught between the diaphragm and the bottom of the valve.  This doesn’t allow the diaphragm to close tightly and water continuously leaks through and exits out the sprinkler head.  The internal components also get debris which causes them to stop rotating or they simply break.
The majority of my work week was spent working on equipment.  It was a constant cycle of guys bringing in another piece of machinery with a problem.  It was frustrating but we were able to complete the majority of the repairs in the shop.  The biggest issue was with our John Deere rough unit which was leaking hydraulic oil from a damaged seal inside the mow hydraulic box.  I was on the phone multiple times with tech support and finally decided to tackle the issue.  It was time consuming to remove a lot of hydraulic lines just to get at a small rubber o ring.  But in the end that was all it took.
Our equipment is past the maturity stage of life.  The past couple of weeks the majority of our inventory has been in the shop for some sort of work.  At one point all three of our rough units were on the disabled list.  I guess the best game plan is to put the first piece of equipment on the lift, start with an evaluation, call tech support, YouTube, and get after it.   Sometimes the best education is diving in,  getting after a repair project, and completing the process.  That’s a great feeling.
I hope each of you enjoy the remainder of your weekend.  Today was supposed to be the Unified Golf Event.  It’s disappointing to not have the experience this year.  I will have to find another way to make my day a great one!
Peace from my Unified Golf partner Patrick and me along with some of golfing friends!

Brian C Mohr
Director of Golf Operations

City of Spencer
Spencer Municipal Golf Course
Spencer, Iowa 51301

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