Good Morning,
The past week was filled with hope of some precipitation but also fortunate not to receive the high winds causing so much damage across the state.  Mother Nature is so unpredictable and sometimes cruel.  I guess it all can be added to the list of such a bizarre 2020.
The golf course has remained in pretty nice shape considering the weather conditions.  I continue to work on irrigation just about daily.  There are always heads that aren’t turning or valves that continue to leak.  Quite a few repairs have been completed but there are still a few stations that have heads not rotating.  I ran out of irrigation parts last week and had to order more heads and valves for our inventory.
We have been blessed with a few cooler nights this past week which has really given the turfgrass a break.  I have been cutting down on the amount of irrigation each night but still providing an adequate amount to each area of the course.  The greens and tees are definitely looking the best since they receive the most water.  Our fairways are hanging in there pretty well.
Equipment repairs seem to be the new constant.  Machinery continues to come into the shop on a daily basis and the repair process begins.  Currently I just recieved parts for one greens mower and should be able to finish that process this morning or Monday.  We also have two rough units that need some attention.  This past week I repaired the trap rake, one rough unit, one fairway unit, and one rough unit.  It seems to never end.
Yesterday we hosted the Smiley Open with almost 100 people enjoying the beautiful sunshine.  There was also open golf available during the day.  It was definitely a day filled with smiles.  We have some new events on our upcoming schedule so visit the website to check those out.
This coming Thursday, August 27, we will be hosting the high school cross country meet.  There are 12 teams that will be participating.  We generally have an amazing turn out for fans to cheer on their school’s runners.
This year we will be closing the clubhouse prior to the start of the event.  City staff felt it was not possible to control social distancing inside the clubhouse nor keep the bathrooms properly sanitized with the heavy flow of traffic in and out of them.  The school has ordered additional port a potties for outdoor use.
We have beautiful golf weather starting off this Sunday morning.  Tee times have been solid since 7:00 AM with a lot of golfers enjoying the cool morning.  It looks like another beautiful day at The Muni!

Brian C Mohr
Director of Golf Operations

City of Spencer
Spencer Municipal Golf Course
Spencer, Iowa 51301


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