Good Morning,
The past week was a little slower golf traffic wise due to the rainy days.  We closed early on Tuesday and Wednesday due to the cold and rain.  Thursday was the last men’s league night.  Friday was another cold and wet afternoon.  Saturday and today we are holding the Carl Spacklar event.  
The majority of the week was spent working on equipment in the shop as well as cleaning and organizing.  The light sound of rain made it enjoyable to be spending time inside.
Our irrigation was the other main point of emphasis this past week.  Last weekend the system shut down, overnight, due to low pressure.  After quite a bit of troubleshooting I realized the intake screen on the lead line was clogged.  There was aquatic vegetation and other debris keeping the water from entering the intake.
We removed the intake and screen from the wet well.  They were transported to the shop and power washed thoroughly.  The screens are very fine mesh and quite a few of these holes were plugged.  Lots of scrubbing and power washing removed the debris.  
The Street Division brought their Jet Vacuum out to the pumphouse to try and remove the debris from the wet well.  They were only able to get the line a few inches under the water, but I think it did the trick.  They were able to remove the majority of the vegetation present.  
The screen and intake were then moved back into the wet well and connected to the system.  I ran the system a couple of mornings to monitor the pressure and gallons per minute.  Everything seems to be working properly at this time.  
Almost an entire week of cooler weather along with the rainfall has definitely helped the golf course.  This season has been very stressful to the turf conditions as well as staff trying to maintain the golf course at a high level.  I have already started seeing improvement in dry areas.  We will be doing some overseeding in some of these areas when we aerify.  
Skunk damage continues to be an issue on holes #2 and #17 in the fairways.  Next season I will be spraying all the fairways and tees with an insecticide to eliminate the presence of grubs during this time of year.  Without the grubs present the skunks will stay away from the golf course.  It’s been very frustrating to say the least. 
Enjoy the sunshine and warmer weather today.  I will see the golf board members at our monthly meeting tomorrow evening.

Brian C MohrDirector of Golf Operations
City of SpencerSpencer Municipal Golf CourseSpencer, Iowa 51301712-260-5370www.spencermunigolf.com

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