Good Morning,
This past week we hosted the People 4 Pets fundraiser on Friday afternoon with a golf event followed by “Yappy Hour.”  This included live music by Ryan Sather, silent auction items, and raffle drawings.  They served a wonderful meal along with socializing in an outdoor setting.  It was a wonderful day weatherwise and everyone seemed to have a great time.  The good news was they raised some money for a great cause in our community.
We are currently on the final day of our 1 Person Best Shot event for the week.  This tournament is set up by tee times only and the golfers can participate as many times as they prefer.  There have been 36 participants as of 8:00 this morning.  It’s a fun event and allows golfers to participate as their schedule allows.  It also has no disruption to open golf.
Our greens were sprayed with a wetting agent, foliar fertilizer, and fungicide on Thursday morning.  This was a scheduled application that falls right in line with our fertility program.  
The insecticide sprayed in fairways for the grubs has finally eliminated the majority of the problems.  It took a little time for the chemical to take effect but we have had no skunk issues for a handful of days.  The fairways were also sprayed back in late July where we had previously experienced grub issues.  Next season we will spray all the fairways and tees to eliminate the problem altogether.  
I am still working on a solution or even a temporary remedy for our pumphouse wet well.  We continue to get weeds into the well and the screens become plugged reducing water flow and causing the system to shut down to low pressure.  Staff and I will continue to work on this issue and keep you updated.
This coming week we will start aerifying our greens.  They will be needle tined at a depth of about 6″ and very tight spacing.  There will be minimal disruption to play.  The aerification will help open up the soil profile, allow better water penetration and root growth.  
We will also be fertilizing our tees, greens, and fairways.  These will be granular applications and fall in line with our application schedule this time of the season.  It will take a few days for the fairway and tee fertilizer to work into the soil, but the greens fertilizer breaks down after about ten minutes of irrigation and enters the soil rather quickly.
Monday evening we will be hosting the Spencer Tiger cross country meet.  This event is a postponement date from August.  The number of teams will be slightly down and the event will start at 5:00 PM.  The clubhouse and golf course will be closed at 4:00 PM.  I will be at the course to assist in any manner necessary.  
Enjoy the remainder of your weekend.  Please contact me with any questions so they can be addressed.  Good luck to our tournament participants playing today!

Brian C MohrDirector of Golf Operations
City of SpencerSpencer Municipal Golf CourseSpencer, Iowa 51301712-260-5370www.spencermunigolf.com

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