Good Morning,
This past week we completed the aerification process of the greens.  We used needle tines (about 1/4″) that penetrated the soil to a depth of around 6-7 inches.  The aerification will help with root development, soil compaction, and water movement through the soil profile.  It will help control localized dry spots when wetting agents are applied regularly.  We double mowed the greens after aerification and they were in great shape ready for play.  It was a two day process to complete.
I have continued to work through difficulties in the irrigation pumphouse.  The screen on the line in the pond that runs to the wetline has failed.  There are a lot of weeds in this area of the pond due to silting and lower pond levels this season.  The pumps run and pull parts of the weeds and other debris into the wet well and it plugs the screen.  This eliminates the ability of the pumps to pull enough water from the wet well and the system shuts down due to low pressure.  
Here are a couple photos of the line running into the wet well during construction back in 1999:​ Pumphouse 2000
I spent Thursday night cleaning the wet well screens, with a long broom, during the night to make sure the system ran through the night.  With the higher temperatures and windy conditions it was necessary to soak the golf course.  I need to drop the pond level several more feet so we can access the intake line, remove the weeds, and apply a new screen.   It will take some time but the cooler temperatures will allow less watering time and we will also be able to irrigate some fairways during the day.
The other option would be to pump the water out of the pond and expose the intake.  The problem with this option is our water permit has a maximum water allotment from April through October.  We are down to less than ten days to pump water from our well and we really need the water in the pond to irrigate.  It will be a hassle for a while but we will work through it and eventually find resolve. 
Last night we hosted the Kiwanis After Five glow ball event.  There were 38 teams of two participating in a lit up night time golfing wonderland.  Everyone had a good time. It just turned into a very long night or some would call it morning.  But, it was a great fundraiser for their service club and we appreciate them choosing The Muni as their host.  
We hosted the Spencer High School cross country meet on Monday evening.  The golf course closed early due to safety concerns to protect the runners and fans.  The clubhouse also closed to follow our COVID 19 provisions.  I was on site to assist the school however needed and also provide access to the clubhouse in case of an emergency.  The event went very well.  We will be hosting the District meet on October 21.  
Lastly, we are now into our fall golf rates.  Players can come to the course and play golf all day long, with a cart, for $25.  They can also pay their 2021 season passes now and play the remainder of this season as well.  There have been quite a few people taking advantage of the season pass special.
Please contact me with any comments, questions, or concerns so they can be addressed in a timely manner.  Next Sunday we will be hosting the annual Chili Open golf event.  Enjoy the remainder of your weekend.  I think a nap sounds pretty good.

Brian C MohrDirector of Golf Operations
City of Spencer

Spencer Municipal Golf Course

Spencer, Iowa 51301



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