Good Morning,

The cooler temperatures and heavy frost Friday and this morning definitely brought the season of Fall to us.  What a difference from the hot and dry summer days.  It  has made  our maintenance practices less hectic and given us a lot of time to work on the irrigation system.  It also has placed us a couple hours behind our outside work schedule this morning.  But the chili has been finished!
I continued to monitor the pumphouse during irrigation cycles and lowered the pond level a few feet over the course of ten days.  One of us has to watch the intake screens and scrub the sides with a long broom when the debris starts to build up.  It’s been less than ideal but we are doing what we have to do to keep the golf course irrigated and continue to lower the pond level.  On Monday we will venture out to locate the line that runs from the pond into the pumphouse wet well.
With the pumphouse problems there was less irrigation and the well ran less frequently for the month of September.  The well ran for five days totalling 2,160,000 gallons of water which equates to 6.63 acre feet of water.  The golf course was irrigated with 4,500,000 gallons of water or 13.80 acre feet.  
This brings the year to date totals to 62.9 acre feet (20,505,400 gallons) for the well total and 103.52 acre feet (33,747,520 gallons) of irrigation water used.  We are allotted 81 acre feet for the well and 121.5 acre feet for the irrigation.  October is the last month we can run the irrigation within our permit requirements.  
Today we are hosting our annual Chili Open golf tournament with 12 golfers signed up by early entry.  It’s gonna be a bit chilly but the wind is calm and should turn into a pretty decent October golf day once the frost has disappeared.   It will be a fun day for all of the participants.  
This coming week the temperatures will warm back up to great golf weather.  Hopefully the golf traffic picks back up and we see a lot of friendly faces.  The warmer temperatures will also make it a little more bearable to start the process of dealing with our pumphouse problem.
Please contact me with any comments, questions, or concerns so they can be addressed in a timely manner.  I will see the golf board tomorrow evening at the clubhouse followed by the virtual city council meeting.  Enjoy the day friends!

Brian C Mohr

Director of Golf Operations
City of Spencer

Spencer Municipal Golf Course

Spencer, Iowa 51301712-260-5370


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