Good Morning,
A little taste of Winter has put a cease in golf activity at The Muni.  The cold weather gave us time to start servicing our rental cart fleet.  This consists of changing oil and filters, greasing zirks, and completing repairs.  There were four golf carts with bent tie rods on the front on the cart.  This happens when a customer hits something hard with the front of the cart.  There is a small metal bracket that is designed to bend to limit the amount of damage to the cart.  This small piece is straightened, installed back on the cart, and the front end is aligned.  Then you shake your head about why somebody would do that with a cart.
The well ran for five days to fill the pond to a level of 8″ over the top of the new 90 degree intake attachment.  We were able to run through all the irrigation cycles on Wednesday to see if there are any problems with debris in the valves.  There were approximately 12 stations that would not shut off.  I was happy there were not more and the water coming out of the irrigation heads was very clear.  We will look at these valves and IC units to check for debris and run the system again late next week.  It doesn’t take much to make a valve or plunger stick open.
On Wednesday, I attended continued education for my Category 10 portion of my pesticide license.  This category allows me to treat our bodies of water with the proper chemical control and not harm any wildlife or contaminate the irrigation water.  This is the last year I will be able to take continued education for this category.  Next year it’s required to take the test every three years at the time of renewal of my license.  In two weeks I will be attending the Turf and Ornamental continued education for my license.
Also on Wednesday, we hosted the district cross country meet.  It was a decent day for the athletes to run for a chance to make it to state.  The clubhouse was once again closed due to COVID 19 provisions.  It’s always enjoyable watching the runners participate in these meets and it’s a privilege to provide the golf course.  We look forward to working with the school once again next year.  

This coming Monday I will be meeting with the tile contractor to discuss the repair process in Upper Waterway Park.  This project has been on the agenda most of the summer and he now has time to address the issue.  This tile was repaired on the east end last year but we have discovered further damage moving west through the golf course waterway.  I will keep you posted on the situation.
I have been working with Tyler Vaudt, Harris-Lake Park golf coach, to establish an off season junior golf program on the golf simulator.  It will be a great opportunity for Tyler to work with small groups of kids to help them learn and develop the basics of golf.  We are still in the early planning stages but Tyler and I are both excited to provide this option for our future golfers.  
As we move forward the golf course and clubhouse will be open dependent on the weather each day.  We were closed yesterday and will be the next couple of days.  However, we did have five extreme die hard golfers play 18 holes on Friday.  The golf weather should return later in the week.
Please enjoy the remainder of your weekend.  Cross your fingers for no snow accumulation and contact me with any comments, questions, or concerns you might have in regards to the golf course.  I’m always happy to talk.  Stay warm!

Brian C Mohr

Director of Golf Operations
City of Spencer

Spencer Municipal Golf Course

Spencer, Iowa 5130



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