Good Morning,
This past week the golf department was able to complete our fall fertilization applications to greens, tees, and fairways.  This application was applied a little later than normal due to the irrigation issues we experienced last month.  The fertilizer will be available to our turfgrass right away in the spring and last into the month of June.  It was a great project to be able to complete prior to the winter weather arriving.

We also started removing our dying pine trees throughout the golf course.  There have been two large pine trees removed to date.  Staff cuts down the trees and the debris is hauled off the golf course.  The Street Division is a huge help to us by hauling the trees off property at a later date.  

We have averaged 10-12 lost pine trees each year.  These trees are not native to Iowa and become very susceptible to disease and pests later in life.  This is a problem that is being experienced across the entire state.  It will continue to be an ongoing problem that has a large impact on the golf course layout.  Replacing these trees with smaller trees will take a long time to fill the void created but that is our due diligence for the future golfers at The Muni.

The colder temperatures have allowed us time to start servicing our maintenance equipment.  This includes oil changes along with filters and grease.  During this process each piece of equipment is recorded with type of service completed, hour meter reading, and repairs needed.  The repairs will be completed during the off season.  

The irrigation pond is approximately at 50% capacity following the intake repairs.  I was able to run through all the stations and make notes of any stations with issues.  There are about a dozen stations that will not shut down properly.  We have been looking at each one of these stations trying to make the necessary repairs.

Our irrigation permit with the Iowa DNR expired on Saturday.  This morning I sent an email requesting an extension into the month of November.  In the past they have granted us five acre feet of water out of the irrigation pond only.  We have not been allowed to use our well past the expiration of the annual license.  Hopefully they will grant us this extension and we can irrigate greens and tees.  It would also allow us to continue the repair process to stations that are not shutting down properly.

Mark White, Jared Elbert, and I met with the tiling contractor to make a game plan with the tiling issues in Upper Waterway Park that travels to the area behind our ninth green.  We are hopeful to complete this project yet this year.  More information will be provided as we move forward.

This upcoming week will provide some nice golf weather for our customers.  I’m sure the warm weather will include windy conditions.  That’s where the hope for an extension to our irrigation permit comes into play.  Staff will also have an opportunity to continue working outside on projects.

Enjoy the remainder of the weekend.  I will see the golf course board tomorrow evening to discuss the clubhouse manager position.  Afterwards I will attend the city council meeting.  Enjoy the day!

Brian C Mohr

Director of Golf Operations
City of Spencer

Spencer Municipal Golf Course

Spencer, Iowa 51301



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