Good Morning,
This past week brought some beautiful weather which allowed us to continue working outside on projects.  It also extended the golf season a little bit longer for our players.  There were a few golfers on the course every day with Thursday being the busiest day of the week.  It was great to see people out enjoying themselves on the golf course this late into November.  We never know when it will be the last round of the year.  The weather forecast looks like we might be finished golfing.

Tuesday, the golf course went back to the early season COVID 19 provisions.  We removed all seating inside the clubhouse and did not allow anyone to congregate inside the facility.  Golfers were allowed to enter the clubhouse to make payment in a timely manner prior to playing golf.  This worked very well each day we were open for golf.  Once the outdoor golf season comes to a close, the clubhouse will be closed to the public until December 31, the same as other city facilities.

I would like to once again thank the golf course staff for working through the COVID 19 provisions set in place at the golf course for the entire 2020 season.  We held the golf course to more strict provisions than were set in place by the Governor.  It helped us remain open all year long and provide a recreational environment for people to “get away” during the strange times we are living in right now.   

We finished removing the dead trees from the golf course and also pruned quite a few other trees.  There were about a dozen pine trees removed this year.  That has been about the average every year as we see more and more of this species disappear across the state of Iowa.  The debris was moved to three different areas and will eventually be removed by the Street Division to the tree site.  I want to thank them for their assistance in finishing this project for us.

More irrigation work was completed as we inch closer to the end of the season.  There were four valves that were replaced, several diaphragms were replaced, and quite a few valves were opened to clean the diaphragms.  We had a lot of sludge and debris make its way into the system when our intake issues started back in October.  There will probably be more stations to clean out in the spring, but the remainder of the problem areas have been addressed.  

I would like to extend a very Happy Thanksgiving greeting to everyone this week.  As we inch closer to the day to give thanks let’s all appreciate everything we are given on a daily basis and be thankful for family and friends.  Please be safe and sanitary as we continue to move through these difficult times.  Share a smile.  It just might change somebody’s day!

Brian C Mohr

Director of Golf Operations
City of Spencer

Spencer Municipal Golf Course

Spencer, Iowa 51301



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