Good Morning,
This past week the golf course opened on Friday and Saturday for golfers.  There were only a few brave souls on Friday but Saturday brought quite a few players out for one last time.  It’s not too often we can golf after Thanksgiving, but it is 2020.

On Monday morning we arrived at work to find the walk in door, of the maintenance facility, forced open.  We did a search through the building and found our cordless impact, batteries, and charger were missing.  The Spencer Police Department was contacted and a report was filed.

On Tuesday morning two individuals were questioned by SPD and one of the stolen batteries was observed inside their vehicle.  After further questioning the other items were found inside the vehicle as well.  I want to thank the SPD officers for their efforts in this matter.  I never imagined we would see those tools again.  It was a relief and also a feeling of sadness.

Equipment maintenance, beginning inventories, and completing some final outdoor work completed the last week of November.  

This coming week I will be applying the snow mold fungicide application to the greens and the course will be closed for the season.  It’s been a year that is like no other we have experienced in our lifetimes.  I pray we are all safe and do our best to social distance until things change toward the new normal.  Staff and myself all appreciate the people that chose to play golf at The Muni this season.  See ya in 2021 golfers!

Brian C Mohr

Director of Golf Operations
City of Spencer

Spencer Municipal Golf Course

Spencer, Iowa 51301



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