Good Morning,
This past week consisted of a lot of shop work and continued education hours for my GCSAA Class A certification.  I attended 20.5 hours of webinars online to gain 2.5 CEU’s toward my education points.  It was nice to attend the webinars on my own time and at no cost as a GCSAA member.  I will be watching a little over ten more hours of education this coming week.

The inventory was completed in the clubhouse and the maintenance facility.  I also reviewed the City of Spencer insurance policy line items for all departments to update everything in our department.  I had several conversations with Jeff Bohnenkamp during this process to get a good understanding of what each area of the insurance policy meant for the golf course.  This information was updated and shared with city management.

I started the reel sharpening process this past week as well.  I spent some time with Chief Lawson educating and training him on the process.  I completed the sharpening process on eight fairway reels and Lawson was able to sharpen 15 bedknife blades.  We also completed the sharpening of the majority of the rotary blades.

The rotary blades are sharpened on a special grinder where the degree of the blade is adjusted to provide a straight angle.  Once completed the blade is balanced to ensure it functions properly.  The reels are mounted on a machine, balanced, and each blade is individually run across with the spinning grinding stone.  This process eventually develops a brand new edge on each blade with the proper bevel.  The bedknife is mounted on a special machine, balanced, and sharpened to produce a straight edge for the reel to spin against producing the cut of the turfgrass.

Seven of our fairway reels are at the Street Division to have some welding repair completed.  I hope to get these reels back this week and finish sharpening the remainder of the fairway reels.  There are also roller repairs that need to be completed during this process.

The coming week is bringing in some more nice weather for all to enjoy.  I will most likely have the clubhouse open several days.  Golfers will be allowed to stop in and pay then go play golf.  There will be no seating or congregating allowed in the clubhouse.  The golf course will be closed for the season at the end of this week.  I think this will be the third time I’ve made that statement….

The golf board and city council meetings will both be attended in a Zoom meeting on Monday evening.  I will “see” each of you at that time.  Enjoy the remainder of the weekend.

Brian C MohrDirector of Golf Operations

City of Spencer

101 W 5th Street

Spencer Municipal Golf Course

Spencer, Iowa 51301



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