Good Morning,
The past week ended the golf season for 2020.  I worked in the clubhouse most of the week with Wednesday being the last day for golfers.  There were close to 50 players out enjoying the beautiful weather that day.  It was nice to see how happy each person was to be playing golf this far into December.  Caddie was the last player off the course that evening.  She told me she got a “birdie!”

Thursday morning I sprayed greens with several fungicides, transfilm, and an optimizer.  This application is to protect the greens through the winter and help eliminate fungus from growing under the snow when it starts to melt in the spring.  The fungus is coined “snow mold.”  It was the final part of the outdoor maintenance practices.  

More time was spent attending webinars when time allowed.  It’s truly amazing to have the option to do all continued education hours online during the trying times of 2020.  The room is quiet, nobody’s phone is ringing when the speaker is talking, and there is no line for the bathroom.  Plus it’s a very short drive.  The best benefit is I am able to choose the topics that pertain to me and our golf course.  

If individuals are interested in purchasing gift certificates they can be paid for on our website www.spencermunigolf.com.  Season passes and other fees can also be paid for online.  I will have the website updated this morning with the directions to pay by credit card online.  Just look under the News and Announcements on the home page.

I will be working on equipment and sharpening reels the majority of the time now.  I will finish the golf course budget for 20/21 early next week.  I will also be attending the Capital Improvement Plan meeting Monday evening to discuss the future needs of the golf course.  

Enjoy the remainder of the weekend and please take the time to share a smile with somebody that might really need it this holiday season.  Stay safe everyone.

Brian C Mohr

Director of Golf Operations

City of Spencer

101 W 5th Street

Spencer Municipal Golf Course

Spencer, Iowa



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