Good Morning,

The golf course has been busy even considering the colder temperatures.  Our virtual membership drive has been quite successful this month.  We have recorded 10 family passes, 27 couples, 69 singles, 9 young adults, and eight juniors through Saturday.  I am very pleased with the number of passes and cart storage fees paid this early in the season.

We mowed greens and collars for the first time of the season on Friday.  The golf course looks great for this early in the season.  The rainfall soaked into the ground quickly and has helped the grass green up sooner than normal.  Overall the golf course is in great shape and we will start mowing more areas this coming week.

I installed a new software update for the irrigation software and also ran a voltage check on each station throughout the golf course.  Every station passed and has satisfactory voltage to every station.  The pumphouse will be placed back into operation tomorrow and I will start the system for the season.  I will go through each station individually to check for leaks or operating concerns.  We will most likely still have valves that need to be cleaned out due to the intake issues last fall.  We were able to get through a lot of stations last fall and hopefully the problems will be minimal.

Staff has repaired the hand rakes and placed them around the sand traps on the course.  Yardage markers have been painted and set back in the ground on each tee box.  The rest of the amenity items have been cleaned or painted and returned to the golf course.  Spot o pots have been serviced and are ready for the season.  Water coolers will not be returned to the golf course due to COVID 19 precautions.  Water is available in the clubhouse for purchase or free from the water cooler.

The 2021 schedule continues to be updated on our website as new events are scheduled.  This past week I secured the August 8 date for the Special Olympics United Golf tournament.  This event was cancelled last season due to precautions.  Hosting this event each season is one of my favorite reservations of the season.  It is my pleasure to host the tournament as well as participate in it with my golfing partner Patrick.  This is a day filled with smiles and laughter.

Part time staff is starting back up in the clubhouse and on the grounds.  We have two new employees in the clubhouse joining our team for 2021.  The grounds crew remains the same as last season.  I’m very excited with golf starting so early in March.  It’s great to see golfers back on the course.

I would encourage golf board members or others to contact me with any comments, questions, or concerns so they can be addressed in a timely manner.  Enjoy the remainder of your weekend!

Brian C MohrDirector of Golf Operations

City of Spencer

101 W 5th Street

Spencer Municipal Golf Course

Spencer, Iowa 51301



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