Good Morning,

The golf course was busy from the start of Saturday until the close of the day.  Our tee sheet was filled the entire day.  Lots of new faces and plenty of familiar ones stopped out to spend some time at The Muni.  The day totaled receipts over $13,174 with quite a few being season pass purchases.  Those totals are currently 13 family passes, 32 couples, 96 singles, 16 young adults, and ten juniors.

I have continued to manually enter the players information into the Tyler Parks and Recreation software.  We continue to await the installation of the new software and cashiering system.  The problem has been with Tyler Technologies and a glitch in the cashiering software.  The software patch is scheduled to be complete on April 17.  After that it will take some time to get the golf course up and running.  I would anticipate the end of the month before the transition occurs.

Wednesday we put the pumphouse back together in preparation for water flow.  Thursday morning I filled the main lines and went through about 15 stations that we had issues with last fall.  Everything went fairly smoothly with only one leak visible by #6 green.  Friday I went through all the stations for green and tees.  There were a few valves that did not shut down properly but no major issues.  Tomorrow we will go through the fairway stations and also start irrigating the greens and tees.    We will continue to have some valves to work on after the intake issues last year but it looks pretty promising to start the season.

We have mowed greens a couple of times and mowed the tees this past week.  The grass is definitely ready to take off but we need more moisture.  Hopefully we will have the irrigation system running at full capacity early this coming week.  The soil is definitely dry and some nice rainfalls would be just the cure.

It’s been busy so far to start the 2021 golf season.  Our turnout with golfers has been great to see.  The majority of the clubhouse part time staff has been working on the schedule.  The maintenance department has been operating with only a couple of employees.  The remainder of maintenance employees will start working later this month.

We are getting ready for a beautiful Easter Sunday at The Muni.  We have quite a few tee times on the books.  The weather looks spectacular.  I would please encourage golf board members or others to contact me with any questions or concerns so they can be addressed in a timely manner.  I will see many of you at the golf board and city council meetings Monday evening.  Make the day beautiful!!

Brian C Mohr

Director of Golf Operations
City of Spencer

101 W 5th Street

Spencer Municipal Golf Course

Spencer, Iowa 51301



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