Good Morning,

The past week was another busy one at The Muni.  The month was one of the busiest Aprils in all the years I have been at the golf course.  Every nice day of the month the golf course was busy with lots of golfers enjoying some outside recreation.  There are new faces and plenty of familiar ones so far this season!

Saturday morning we had received 21 family, 50 couple, 153 single, 22 young adults, and 18 junior season passes.  We have already exceeded our 2020 season pass totals.  It’s great to see all the golfers and thank you for choosing The Muni to spend some of your free time.  We love seeing you!

Early in the week fresh mulch was added to the clubhouse and tee box landscaping areas.  This mulch will help hold moisture in the soil for the plants and keep the areas looking clean and fresh.  The waterfall landscaping and a couple of other beds will be addressed this coming week.  We will periodically be spraying weeds in these landscaped areas.

We are starting to see signs of dandelions and other broadleaf weeds.  Spring time generally consists of high winds, rainy days, and fluctuating temperatures.  Spraying can be accomplished on days with no rain in the forecast and wind blowing less than 10 mph.  Herbicide applications will be made in a timely manner when I am able to spray and limit the amount of drift.  

The irrigation system has been a big part of our focus this past week.  We have been cleaning valves and checking stations to get everything operating correctly.  The last few nights the irrigation system has thrown out about 440,000 gallons of water each night.   Because the dry conditions in 2020 have carried over into this season there is very little soil moisture present and the need for irrigation has increased dramatically.  The irrigation system is currently working great with very minimal issues.  A far cry from past issues including the intake issues last season. 

Our tile situation behind #12 green has been resolved.  Muskrats had plugged two tile lines with debris over the winter.  The Street Division used their jet truck to clean these tiles.  There was a lot of saturated ground through #13 and #5 heading to the south.  This tile is received from the farm land to the south of the golf course and dumps a substantial amount of water into our ponds.  Everything is functioning the way it was intended at this point.

Golf course maintenance was also a large part of our work week.  The entire golf course is now growing at a fast pace and frequent mowing practices are being implemented in all areas.  It’s been a very busy week with a short staffed maintenance crew.  I thank the guys for all of their hard work and dedication.   The golf course looks great this weekend.

Clubhouse operations have been going very smoothly.  Staff are staying on top of everything and accommodating our customers each day.  It’s a little overwhelming when the course is filled with non stop tee times from 7 AM until late evening.  Each staff member takes a lot of pride in their work and it definitely shows.  Thanks to each one of them for going above and beyond.

There have been several medical emergencies within my family the past few weeks.  I am very appreciative of golf course staff responding in such a helpful manner.  Employees really stepped up their game to ease my stress of being gone several days.  There will still be upcoming days, I will need to step away from work to be with family and I appreciate the help and support from everyone.    

Please contact me if you have any comments, questions, or concerns so they can be addressed in a timely manner.  I will see the golf board and city council at the respective meetings on Monday evening.  Enjoy the remainder of the weekend and share a smile with somebody!

Brian C Mohr

Director of Golf Operations
City of Spencer

101 W 5th Street

Spencer Municipal Golf Course

Spencer, Iowa 51301



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