Good Morning,

The past week was another busy week of golf and plenty of sunshine!  All golf leagues are in full operation with lots of players enjoying the course each day.  We have a couple more part time staff members back on the schedule which helped tremendously with our grounds maintenance.  The overall golf course condition is great as we move through the weekend.

There are still broad leaf weeds to treat but I am gaining ground.  All landscaping areas have been treated for weed control and will be monitored each week to keep them weed free.  We will be adding potted flowers to some of the landscaping in the next couple of weeks.  These flowers will add a little color to help improve the appearance of these areas.   

Irrigation has been a necessity as we work through the current heat wave.  It takes about 11 hours to get through all the stations each night.  The irrigation will start at 9:00 PM and continue into the early morning golf hours each day.  To date, our irrigation totals for the pond and the well are both above normal at this point of the season.  

Through Saturday we have receipted season passes for 25 families, 56 couples, 170 singles, 24 young adults, 39 juniors, and 41 punch cards.  These numbers are the highest totals since 2015.  Green fees and cart rental revenues are also the highest totals in many years.  Our total revenues are on pace to be the highest ever at The Muni. 

TPAR software is getting closer to introduction at the golf course.  City staff is currently programming all the membership cards for our 2021 players.  It has been very time consuming to enter all the golfers information manually then turn around and program each card with the appropriate information.  We should have all the cards available for golfers in another week.  These cards will be used by the golfer to check in at registration.  All their paid fees will show up on the registration screen and staff will be able to monitor each golfer in the moment.  

We have quite a few events planned for the month of June.  We have seen high numbers of golfers for our events already concluded and the sign up sheets are very full for upcoming events.  It’s been busy pretty much every day at the golf course.  We look forward to a great golf season continuing forward!

I will see the golf board and city council members Monday evening at the respective meetings.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or further information.  Enjoy the beautiful sunshine today!

Brian C Mohr

Director of Golf Operations
City of Spencer

101 W 5th Street

Spencer Municipal Golf Course

Spencer, Iowa 51301



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