Good Morning,

Today winds down an extremely busy week at The Muni.  Our golf leagues were busy every evening of the weekdays and we hosted the 40th annual Chamber outing Friday followed by the 1st annual Jasen Petersen Memorial event on Saturday.  Add in all the open golf and it equals a lot of golfers having fun at The Muni.  Today we have open golf all day long and we look forward to another busy day!

We have hired a couple new clubhouse employees and they are fitting in quite nicely with our experienced staff.  It’s been a great week for them to jump into the mix.  The staff in the clubhouse has been doing a fabulous job accommodating all our guests.  We’ve seen a lot of new faces this week and hope they come back to see us again soon.  I want to thank the clubhouse staff for the wonderful job they do day in and day out!

The maintenance staff has also been busy with our daily activities keeping the golf course in great shape each day.  It’s been a very challenging year with the high temperatures and lack of precipitation.  The staff has worked extremely hard to make sure it is a great golf experience for our guests and passholders.  The maintenance staff have many years of experience and their ability to adapt on the fly is very impressive.  I’m thankful for each of them and very much appreciate their hard work and passion they bring to the job.

The rainfall on Saturday was much needed for everyone in our community.  It’s also nice to give the irrigation system a break for a couple of days.  Our irrigation and well totals have been the highest totals in June that I can remember.  It’s going to be a huge concern if these weather patterns continue into the month of July.  

Our irrigation system has been running very smoothly this season (knock on wood).  The repairs to the pumphouse and pond dredging last fall have made a big difference.  It’s a far cry from spending so many nights working in the pumphouse trying to keep water flowing.   Most nights the irrigation starts at 8:45 and continues to 8:00 AM before all the stations have completed.  We have a few leaky valves on the course but overall it’s operating great.

I have continued to limit the hours of irrigation for the fairways and concentrated on the approaches, tees, and greens.  The conditions of the golf course definitely show a lack of moisture in the roughs where the grass has gone dormant.  The fairways are slightly discolored because of the limited irrigation applied.  The approaches, greens, and tees are really maintaining a high quality of turf at this time.  Some cooler weather and more precipitation would make a world of difference.  

On Friday we returned our water coolers to the golf course.  COVID restrictions have not allowed them to be out on the course since the 2019 golf season.  The availability of drinking water will be a blessing to the golfers on the hot days.  

I would like to welcome Larry Rupert to the Spencer Municipal Golf Board.  I would also like to thank Eric Stucky for his many years of serving on our Board.  Thanks for all the time and work you put into the golf course Eric.  Larry will be taking over Eric’s position and I look forward to working together.  Thanks for joining our Board Larry.

Our 2020-21 budget will come to a close later in the week.  It’s been a very successful budget and I’m anxious to share those numbers with you in next week’s report.  I will also provide the year end season pass totals.

Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or would like more information on a topic.  Also, thank our clubhouse and grounds employees for the great job they do.  They do an amazing job!!  See ya on the links!

Brian C Mohr

Director of Golf Operations
City of Spencer

101 W 5th Street

Spencer Municipal Golf Course

Spencer, Iowa 51301



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